Personal tragedy : Canal/towpath


One cold frosty morning in the mid nineteen sixties, just a few hundred yards further on along the towpath from Riley’s Lock there occurred an extremely sad incident. 

My Land


On the ninetieth anniversary of the Easter Rising, it may be appropriate to reflect on the words of an earlier patriot, recently referred to by one of our regulars on Discussions – the Protestant patriot Thomas Davis.

Barn Dances


Rosaleen Beattie shared her memories of rural life in South Armagh over six…

Hidden meanings in words


Is there a word that means the opposite of an oxymoron? 

There are some of our readers much cleverer and better informed than us.

We await your reply.

While you work on that, we offer you a few examples.



Christopher Carr writes to update us on the pedigree of a few characters of old. Since his forbears – like mine – come from Monaghan Row/Street, I have a special interest. Hope you have too.

Daughter’s Wedding


Here was I, indulging in a daydream about my darling daughter’s forthcoming wedding, when – skimming through an old newspaper – I came upon this poem. Boy, were my eyes opened?

Forced emigration


The disgraceful extended incarceration of four Mayo farmers for protesting the danger to their lives and families from Esso’s high-pressure gas-lines running contiguous to their homes, brought to mind the similar treatment of their forebears a century and a half ago from occupation landlords.

1641-1956 Newry Events

1641       Sir Con Magennis briefly took Newry for the Irish in the Rebellion.  It was shortly retaken by Lord Conway.  In the following years it changed hands intermittently.