Fews Glossary M ‘2’

Dialect ‘M’ 2
Melt             inside or stuffing, ‘I’ll knock the melt out of him’
                   ‘fit till melt’, boiling with anger
Mend           ‘he’ll mend him’, ‘hell mend him’, undo him of his wrong ways: improve, ‘he’s not mending this time’
Mitch           play truant from school
Midlin           not too well
Mill               strike, ‘I’ll mill ye!’
Mind            remind, ‘mind me to do that later’; ‘see, ‘do you mind the way he creeps?’; remember, ‘I mind the time..’
Miscall          slander or abuse
Misses         escapes, tumbles, ‘there’s not much misses his eye’, ‘I’m always missing my foot’, slipping and tumbling over
Mizzle          light rain
Moan           ‘Indeed I moan you from my heart’, pity
                   ‘I don’t moan ye with what ye have’, sympathise
Moidered      bewildered
Moiley          bare, a moiley hill, moiley goat, one without horns
Moral of       ‘he’s the moral of his father’, like
                   Moral spit of, the image of
More            although, ‘he needs help the more he said not’
Mortal          very, ‘he’s mortal bad’
Moss           a turf bog
Mosscheeper                   titlark
Moul            mould, as in turf mould
Mouth          ‘a fool mouth’, silly talker: ‘a foul mouth’, swearer; ‘he nivir axed had I a mouth on me!’, I wasn’t invited to eat
Muck           dirt
Mug             stupid
Muggy         close, wet
Mummle      mumble
Murderous   very, ‘murderous wicked’, ‘up murdering late’, ‘a murdering hard worker’

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