Fews Glossary: S 3

Dialect ‘S’ 3 of 7
Shorten the road   have company while walking: ‘Will ye shorten the road wi’ me?’
Show                    loan, give, ‘show me your spade an’ I’ll larn ye till dig’
Showing Sunday    Sunday after their wedding, the couple attend the church in which they were wed
Shows                   refuse from flax
Shiggy-shoo          see-saw
Shook for a word   at a loss; ‘He’s not shook for a word, that boy!’
Sift                        enquire, ‘he will sift it for you’
Sipple                    drink, ‘a wee sipple now, just what’ll wet the glass’
Signed                   branded
Skedaddle              vamoose!  ‘We skedaddled while we cud’
Skelf                      a wood splinter
Skelp                     slap, blow, ‘Clear aff or I’ll give yer backside a skelp!’
Skelly                    squint, ‘God love her, she’s skelly-eyed’
Skiff                      small shower of rain
Skinning the field    breaking up the lea, ploughing
Skirl                       scream
Skirted                  run, ‘They had all skirted before the polis came’
Skite                     a light blow; to splash or throw
Skite                     1. fool: 2. ‘he won’t be long skiting across’, running

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