Fews Glossary: S 6

Dialect ‘S’ 6 of 7

Staff :  stick

Stagger : attempt, ‘he staggered it anyhow’

Start : ‘you gave me a start’, scared me; commence, ‘start the game’

Starving cold : ‘shut the dure! I’m starving.’

Stew : quandary, ‘I’m in the devil’s own stew’

Stime ; blind

Stir ; crowd, ‘a great stir of people’; poke, ‘stir the fire’

Stock ; the side of the bed farthest from the wall

Stoor : commotion, dust, ‘you’re raising too much stoor’

Strain : sprain

Strange : shy, ‘he’s strange unless he knows you’

Strapper : large

Stride-legs : astride

Stroke : cover, ‘stroke it in with the harrow’

Strong :strong-farmer: well-to-do; ‘going strong’, doing well

String : to hang

Stroop : spout of kettle or teapot

Strunt : sulk, ‘just let him strunt’

Stune : intermittent pain

Stupe : bathe

Suck in  : mislead, ‘He sucked me in the w’ainst, but I have he’s measure now!’

Suck :  n. a toady, ‘pay her no mine, she’s on’y an aul suck!’


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