Fews Glossary, C

Caddie boy, good-for-nothing person
Cadge  carry, ‘ye’ve had a long cadge o’ it’
Cadger little, sometimes applied to a pedlar
Cailey  gossip, round of calls on neighbours
Call  arrange, need, demand, right:
  ‘he’s called an auction’
  ‘you had no call to hit him!’
  ‘ * got the best call’ i.e. was in greatest demand
  ‘what call have ye to take that attitude?’
Called  spoke with abuse: ‘he called me out a name’
Came on happened: ‘What came on ye?’
Cant  Auction
Canty  jaunty: ‘A canty boy, him!’
Cap  to stop; a cover; takings from a collection
Care  family; ‘look after my care’ i.e. wife and children
Carried away: foolish, vain
Carry on misbehave
Case-equal similar; ‘they’re case-equal on truth-telling’
Case-hardened accustomed; ‘she’s case-hardened till he’s ways’
Cast  reject, reproach; ‘I cast that away’
  ‘he cast up her shortcomings to her face’
Casting-match quarrel
Causey the paved stones around the kitchen door
Cementing beating; ‘he got a well-deserved cementing’
Chanceable changeable
Chander scold
Change one’s feet put on dry socks/boots
Chap  blow; ‘he wants a chap on the lug’ [he deserves hitting]
Charge load, caution; charge the gun; I charged him to be civil
Chattered bruised, shattered
Chats  small; just chats of potatoes; wee chats like you!
Chay-cow a term used to soothe or call a cow
Check  chide
Cheek  impertinence
Cheep  talk; ‘if he cheeps, he’ll rue it!’
Chew upon it think it iver
Childer children
Chitter mutter; ‘chittering there to yerself like a looney!’
Chivvy chase
Clabber mud
Clamp  a covered heap [e.g. of potatoes]
Clart  a slovenly, dirty woman; ‘that clart, is it ye were with?’
Clarty  dirty, wet
Clash  repeat
Clash-bag story-teller [pejorative] ‘the worst clash-bag in the area’
Clash  blow; a clash on the face
Clat  to scrape
Clock  a hook, a thump; ‘I got a clock on the nose’
Clift  wise; ‘he’s on’y half-clift’
Clinch  agree, settle
Clip-blow a frolicsome boy or girl
Clipe  a thump; also a tell-tale
Clitter-clatter idle talk
Cliver  generous; ‘he’s cliver wi’ he’s money’
Clean  quite; ‘he’s clean done!’
Clemmed perished; ‘clemmed wi’ cold’
Clods  fragments of earth; also verb, to strike with …
Clocks  beetles
Clocking brooding [women or hens] ‘What’s she clockin’ on now?’
Cloots  feet
Close  secretive, mean; ‘she’s a close one’
  ‘he’s that close, he’d starve ye and him wi’ plenty’
Clout  rag, blow; ‘he’d a dirty clout for a hanky’ 
  ‘a clout on the head might mend he’s ways’
Clutch  flock of chicks
Coarse rough, stormy; ‘a coarse fellow’, ‘a coarse day’
Cock up to set up, ruin
Cocked-up conceited; ‘a cocked-up upstart’
  ‘aisy cocked-up’ – easily flattered by praise
Cod  a foolish person

Comic-cuts comic weekly like Beano, Dandy
Coggle shake
Cogly  unsteady
Cold-rifed a person who suffers from cold
Colley  soot smuts, as sometimes float round a room
Colloge gossip
Cogglety-corry see-saw
Condescend agree, assent; ‘she’ll condescend in the end’
Come at illicitly approach[ed]; ‘he was come at by the other side’
Come by respected; ‘he was well come by on both sides’
Come down drop caste; ”twas a come down for her till be marryin’ him’
Come in prove; ‘that’ll come in handy sometime’
Come round ‘he’s comin’ round’ [recovering] ‘he’ll come round to the right of it yit’ [accept the logic] ‘a man come round till his time of day’ [of his age]
Come over repeat; ‘he come over it again and again’
 ‘she can’t keep from comin’ over things’
Commerce dealings; ;have no commerce with him’
Connu-going easy-going
Con memorize
Consate pride
Conversible pleasant
Convoy large number; ‘a quare convoy there’
 Accompany; ‘he convoyed me part of the way’
Cop catch; cop the ball, ‘he’ll cop it when he’s da comes home’
Copies capers; ‘never heed her copies’
 ‘cutting copies’ – acting silly
Cop pig a young pig fed by hand
Corn [heart of] kind, thoughtful person
Cornaptious disagreeable
Country crop  rough, bowl-shaped haircut
Counted reckoned; ‘it’s not counted well to talk that way’
Coup upset; he couped the cart
Cove cave, souterrain
Cowe intimidate
Crab scold, [noun] short-tempered old woman
Crabbit adjective from above; ‘he’s that crabbit he’d differ from his own wife, if he had one’
Crack news; ‘what’s the crack?’
 Short time; ‘I’ll be with you in a crack’
Cranch crunch
Crap crop
Creepy a low stool, usually on 3 legs
Crig stub, as in ‘toe’
Croak about to die
Crowlie the runt, smallest of the litter
Crucify annoy, hurt; ‘she’d crucify ye with her tongue’
 ‘these boots have me crucified!’
Cruddle curdle
Cruel fine, big, very; a cruel big girl, cruel rich, a cruel funeral
Cruel hand unfortunate person; ‘his troubles have made a cruel hand of him’
Crulge crouch
Cut many! ‘the dog cut me’ [bit] ‘a cut of bread’
 ‘a cut of hay’ [auction term] ‘draw cuts’ [lots]
 ‘I’ll niver cut mate in that house again!’ [eat a meal]
Cutty small; a cutty spoon/pipe etc.  ‘a wee cutty’ [boy/girl]
 Applied also to worn-out spades, knives etc.
Cure tonic; ‘you’re a cure for sore eyes’
 ‘he’s a tarribe cure’ [he is fun]
Curleys kale
Cute astute; ‘a quare cute wee man’: cute hoor – one of the stars of the Mahon inquiry!

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