Fews Glossary: S 5

Dialect ‘S’ 5 of 7

Snig   :          cut or slash; remove burning end of cigarette with the intention of re-lighting it later

Snigger :       laugh

Soople  :       active


Sore   :         ‘a sore heart’, sad

                   ‘a sore day’, unpleasant

‘he made a sore hand of the job’, spoiled it

‘sore-wrought’, hard-worked

Sort    :         tidy, repair

Sother  :       blow, ‘a sother on the lug’

Sound     :              to spread or publish

Souple    :     part of a flail

Sowl      :      soul

Sowans   :    food

Spakeing  :    putting a word in for; courting, ‘I see ye like her.  I’ll be spakeing for ye’, ‘they’ve been spakeing now for some time’

Spang    :      a sudden movement

Spark      :     to splash, also noun, ‘a bright spark’, an amusing person

Speel    :       climb

Spell      :      a while, ‘we helped them for a spell’

Splagh    :     big feet:  awkward walker, ‘he just splaghs along’

Spit         :     shower of rain

                   the image of, ‘he’s the spit of himself’, he’s like his father

Spleen    :     spite, ‘don’t vent your spleen on me’

Spraghle   :   to walk badly, sprawl

Spuds     :     potatoes

Spunk     :     courage

Stab      :      stake, ‘put a stab or two down in the gap’

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