Fews Glossary : A

Glossary of Fews dialect, then and now: 

A:  I :  A wudn’t be bothered! : It doesn’t interest me.

Abodes: as in Presages : The dog cried in the night: It abodes ill.  Something untoward will happen that the dog knows about!

A carry-on:  as in playful/malicious jest: Some a carry-on that!

Afeard: afraid

Afore: before

Age: put years on:  it’d age ye just to watch his a carry-on!

Agee: open:  leave the dur agee, wud ye?

Anear: threatening:  I’m not anear ye!

Ail:  annoy:  What ails ye at it?

Air: warming, walking:  she’s airing herself at the fire: .. taking the air.

Aise: take the weight of: he aised the begs on my back.

Allow:  accept the truth: I’ll allow that it may be so.


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