Fews Glossary: D

Dab bit, dip, soil  ‘a dab of butter’; ‘dab the crust in yer tae, woman dear’ ‘the chile had dabbed her clane pinny’
 grave sods, ‘she’s covered by her daisy-quilt this two years, poor dear’
Dander stroll, anger ‘take a dander’, ‘he’d raise yer dander’
Dandily flirt, ‘she’s anybody’s dandilly’
Dar  dare
Debate progress, ‘he cud make no debate for himself’
Dead-end ‘ye cud take yer dead-end at him’ [he’d greatly amuse you]
Dealing man  cattle dealer, huckster
Death on greatly opposed ‘she’s death on smoking’
Delude, deluder
 coax, deceive ‘she’d delude the birds from the trees’ she’s only deluding him’ [she has another boy whom she prefers]
 as with ‘bemean’
Desperation  want, rage
Devant  to play or amuse
Divil’s dozen  13
Dint  mark [as ‘dent’]

Dirty  illicit-sex-filled, ‘I’m on a dirty weekend’
Doldrum doubtful, confusing
Donsey delicate
Doom  fate, punishment, ‘he’ll meet his doom alright!’
Down-faced brazen, ‘a down-faced rascal, that’
Down-looking dejected, ‘he has a very down-looking aspect’
Down in the mouth
  as above
Down-take  come-uppance, ‘he’ll get his down-take yet’
Down-come  fall
Douse   to soak, extinguish
Drain  small quantity,  empty ‘there’s a wee drain yit left in the bottle’  ‘let’s drain it’
Draw  pull, ‘take a draw of yer pipe’, ‘draw up yer chair’
Dribs and drabs
 small steps, amounts ‘job done by dribs & drabs’
 milking term, ‘Are ye sure she’s drigged dry?’
Dressing beating ‘give him a good dressing’
wet, sodden
Drop  various: ‘there’s a bad drop in that family’ [their trouble’s in the genes or blood] ‘they’re not a drop’s blood to each other, ”wud ye take a drop in the hand?’ [would you like a cup of tea?] she dropped her calf [gave birth, alternatively aborted] ‘he had a drop too much’ [was drunk] the childer are dropping potatoes [sowing]
 an ill-used person
  To dredge, ‘he drudged the flax-hole clean’
Druth  thirst
Duds  clothes
Dunt  push, strike
Dunch  punch, shove
Duke  bend low, hide
Due  owe, ‘I am due him the price of a calf’
Durneens short, wooden handle shaft grips
Dwamish sickish

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