Fews Glossary: B

Babbed :closed : A nivir babbed an eye the live-long night!
: nonsense:  Stop yer babblement!
Back:     assist:        I’ll back ye on that!
  Opinion:       The back o’ the country’s behind him.
  Relapse:     God spare him, he’s had a back-set.
: Take advantage: He’d back-spang ye if ye weren’t careful!
Back and forrards
  Commuting:  I’m back and forrards there a lot.
:    Cheeky replies:  Enough af yer back-talk!
            Indisposed:        Ach, he’s bad, all right!       Bad Scrant  Ill-luck    Bad scrant to ye for yer lip!
Babboozle   Outwit, confuse:  He’d bamboozle ye with his edimicated talk!
     Thump, explosion: I’ll bang ye on the lug!  Went off with a bang
ruined, done:  It’s banjaxed, right enough!Banter   Tease  It’s ony a bit a banter!  Don’t pay no heed!
Bar   Disallow  I bar that!
 Scold, shrew  She barged at him!  She’s a right barge, that one!
  Barrow He was wheeled in a barra to her place till propose t’ her!
         Borrow  Cud a barra a cup o’sugar aff ye?
bum :
boastful, useless person, backside:  Quit yer bumming!  Don’t listen to that bum. Kick up the bum.

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