Fews Glossary A, 2

Allowance: permission:       I can’t give you that allowance.
All sorts: a severe scolding, heavily: 
She gave him all sorts. 
   It was raining all sorts.
All there
:  cute, attractive:             He’s all there.
All there [not]:  intellectually challenged:
She’s not all there!
: opposite, against:   
He lives anenst me on the road.
: funny:         
He’s that antic ye’d split yer sides at him.
: scar
Arn: errand
Art: direction:            What art is he from?

Article: character  She’s a bad article, that one!
Astray: unbalanced  I wus astray with the pain of it.                           
He’d put ye astray in the head.
At it
: quarrelling, having sex  
They were at it with their fists
They were at it like rabbits!
: expecting        
She’s awaiting for ye.
Atween: between.
Author: informant:         He’s my author on that one.
Away in the mind: unbalanced: astray!
Away:  with gusto:          
Sing away, there!
: ask
Awanting:  crazy, silly     
He’s awanting something.
var.  wee want             
There’s a wee want in him.
Yer ma’s awanting ye.

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