Fews Glossary: P 2

Dialect ‘P’  2
Play             conduct, ‘it will be the best of your play, not to meddle with him’
Plenish         stock, furnish, ‘a well-plenished house or farm’
Polished       consummate, ‘a polished rascal, him’
Poor mouth v. denigrate
Power          quantity, ‘a power of money’
Prentice       apprentice
Prig              haggle or steal
Prod            push or stick
Prog            steal
Pross           sue
Prough         plenty, ‘he has a brave prough with him’
                   Poor, ‘a wee prough of a place’
Puke            vomit, n. miserable, disagreeable type of person
Purty           pretty
Purty-bread  potato-bread
Purty-middling        fair well
Puss            sour-puss, miserable-looking face
Put by, Put about   upset
Put by          iridescent, ‘I was put by myself with anger’
Put on          dress, ‘she had hardly time to put on herself’, pretending, ‘she’s good at putting it on’
Put out        story, ‘that’s a quare put-out for you to repeat’
Putting a face on him       showing his annoyance

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