Fews Glossary: N

Dialect ‘N’
Nail              strike, ‘nail him on the chin’
(on the) nail promptly, ‘pay on the nail for it’
Narra           narrow
Narley          small, ‘narley potatoes,’ ‘a wee narl of a calf’
Near            close, ‘a near friend’, ‘near hand’, ‘near hand couped’, almost overturned, ‘a near hand way’, short cut, mean, ‘she’s that near, she’d starve ye’.
Near-legged bandy-legged
Neb             nose
Nebby          inquisitive
Newance      news, ‘it’s newance to me’
Newans       unexpected, ‘it’s newans to see you’
Newfangled  fancy
Nick             devil; ‘nick of time’, a nick in the post, a mark
Nick             to steal: past tense, nyuck, ‘He nyuck it on me’ (Newry Nyuck – see Guestbook)                                                    Nicker          ‘the horse nickered’, neighed
Nip               to punch or nip
Nips             little bits
Nipping         cold, ‘my toes are nipping’
Nobbin         raised land in a field, a small hill
Norration     oration, speech, ‘I heared the norration’, ‘that was the bloodiest norration ye ever heard’, commotion
Note            time of cow’s calving
Notice          small nip of drink, ‘just what ye’d notice in the glass’

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