Fews Glossary ‘U’

This is the penultimate in our long-running series of an alphabet of words peculiar to, or used in a specific meaning in South Armagh.  We have had few reactions, hostile or supportive, and few additions or corrections.  Please correct this!

Dialect ‘U’

Unbeknownst   :     unknown to

Unchancy       :       unlucky, ‘an unchancy one, that boyo’

Unused  :                      not accustomed to

Up        :                 many uses, ‘up in himself’, vain

‘well set up man’, well-built

                          ‘well set up concern’, flourishing

                          ‘well set up in his story’, perfect            

Up with  :            an incline; ‘it’s a sharp wee up with to your place’

Upcome :                outcome, the ultimate end

Upcast   :              cast up, make spurious allegations; ‘she’s always upcasting things, that one’

Upon     :                                 in,  ‘I’ll have a wee drap ‘o water upon me whiskey’

Upsetting:             irritating, causing upset, ‘an upsetting person’

Unrid :                    rid, ‘I’ll soon unrid ye of her’

Uptake      :                       of sharp comprehension, ‘he’s quick in the uptake’

Underhand :                      mean, cunning

Underhand smile :            one that bodes ill towards someone

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