Dialect ‘T’ 2

Dialect ‘T’ 2
Tell              count, ‘I could never tell twice two’
Teem           downpour, ‘It’s not raining, it’s teeming’
                   empty, ‘he teemed it out’
Tent            small quantity, ‘I only spilled a tent’ ‘loan me a tent o’ hay’ 
Sign in Sports Shop: ‘Now is the winter of our discount tents!  – I know! Not relevant!  Just liked it myself!
Terra: tara     deplorable, ‘Jaysus, that’s a tara!’
Thick    stupid, friendly, ‘he’s just thick’, ‘them two’s very thick’
Thin             chilly, ‘a thin day’
Tift               pleased, ‘in great tift with themselves’
Think long      wish, reflect
Thole           endure
Thrapple       throat
Thraw          contrary
Thrawed      twisted, crooked, ‘Thraw a rope for me’, ‘a thrawed woman’
Threshel       threshold
Throng         friendly, ‘The two of them are very throng’
Thronged     crowded, ‘Place overthronged with cattle’
Thorra         thorough, meticulous: also, sane, ‘He’s only half thorra’
Thought       bit, ‘a wee thought heavier’
Through-other       untidy, ‘a through-other house’: confused, ‘a through-other talker’: ‘she’s a through-other hallion’, that woman of ill-repute dresses poorly!
Through       ‘I’ll be through shortly’, I’ll soon be finished what I’m doing: ‘I’ll call through soon’, i.e. when I’m passing through your district 
Throw up     vomit: also ‘throw off’.

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