Fews Dialect: L 2

Labour  dig, toil
Laced  beaten, ‘
Pat’s Hughie was laced to ribbons in the fight’
 fortified with spirits
Lamentable bad, ‘
lamentable news’
  arrive [regardless of mode of transport!]
Landed  ended up, fell, ‘he landed in the water’
  hit ‘
I landed him one on the nose’
  caught, ‘
She landed him’
Lap  wrap,
‘Lap the shawl round ye’
Lapped up
 ate hungrily, wrapped up, succombed to flattery
Lash  plenty, heaps, ‘lashings o’ money’
  Splash, ‘lash the water round ye’
  Vomit, ‘she lashed it all off’
  Threshed, ‘he lashed it with the flail’
  Scold, ‘
she’s always lashing out’
‘there’s no last in it’ ‘he’ll not last the night’
ty  lasting
Laudy-daw snobbish
Law  ‘to take the law’, to go to law, ‘lay down the law wi’ them’, talk with authority
Lay  clear, leave, ‘Lay the house this minit’
Lay on  flattery, chastisement,
‘She’s good at laying it on’
‘I’ll learn ye if I get me hands on ye’
  to beat
Let on  var.  ‘don’t let on’, don’t tell
‘we never let on we saw her’
  ‘he’s ony letting on’
, pretending
Let be  leave alone
Level going easy tempered
Lick  n. a toady, a blow ‘a lick on the snout’, a blow to the nose,
  Careless washing, ‘that’s just a lick and a promise’ v. to beat, also a promise or a pledge, ‘
we’ll lick thumbs on that’
  near, ‘it lies by me till I need it’ 
Lift  church, or event collect, ‘
What was the lift?’
‘I didn’t lift you there’
  Steal, ‘
that boy ‘ud lift anything not nailed down’
  Carry a coffin, ‘You’re with the second lift, OK?
  Kick, ‘
I’ll lift ye with me toe’
  A dead lift, a weight raised from ground level
Liggety  long
Lights  lungs, ‘.
.roaring his lights out for nothing at all’ ‘I’ll knock yer lights out’
 continuation of above
‘..like I don’t know what’
  ‘what like is the calf?’
is it good or otherwise
Likeness photograph, ‘
he had his likeness tuk’
  easily broken
Lines  certificate of marriage, baptism etc.
Linge  to chastise
Lip  impertinence
  Taste, ‘I haven’t lipped drink the day’
Lint-hole flax-hole
Load  quantity of drink
  ‘he had a full load, drunk as a lord’
Load of coul’  a bad dose of the cold
Lock  an unspecified quantity, ‘
a lock of potatoes’
Lobby  big, careless, slothful
Loodther to beat
Looks his bit  begs for food, ‘a poor man looks his bit’
Looney  lunatic
Longsome slow, ‘
he’s that longsome’
 free, ‘
When yer father’s loose I’d like a word with him’
 free to come and go, as a bachelor
Looseness diarrhoea
Loy  spade
Lue  lukewarm, as of water, courting, friendship
Lump it  put up with, ‘If you don’t like it you can lump it!’
Lump  large, ‘a great lump of a child’, [or horse, house etc]
Lying  sick, ‘she’s been lying for months’
Long-tongued indiscreet person
Loose-tongued same, also, a bawdy conversationalist
Lug  ear


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