2012 Lislea Drama Festival

The 31st Lislea Drama Festival begins on the last Saturday of the month. The organisers have the good sense to stage at most three plays per week, giving both teams and patrons a break.

Opening on Saturday 25 February is Kilrush Drama Group from Wexford with Martin McDonagh’s The Lonesome West. Of late McDonagh has become one of the most-staged Irish playwrights : in this, a young alcoholic priest is attempting to reconcile two feuding brothers, while warding off the romantic advances of the young Girleen, in a parish he calls the crime capital of Europe.

Another Wexford Group, Ballycogley follows on Sunday 26 February with Jimmy Keary’s Mother Knows Best. This tells the tale of social climber Tess McDermott who disapproves of her daughter dating a humble painter/decorator while her ideal son-in-law Adrian, a stuffy financial consultant stands idly by. To make her dream match happen she resorts to bribery and seduction.

Lislea is well worth your support.

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