Lislea Festival Results

Lislea Drama Festival Results:

Premier Award:  Backburners, Newtownstewart, with ‘Beauty Queen of Leenane’

 2nd Lislea   with ‘The Odd Couple’


Best Actor Aidan McParland, as Felix Unger in ‘The Odd Couple’


Best Actress Ellie Condren  of Kilrush, Wexford as Antigone in the play of that name


Best Producer Raymond Murray of Lurgan Clann Eireann Drama Group


Most Challenging Play Antigone


Best Set Backburners



The adjudication, by David Grant of the home team’s effort, The Odd Couple, included the following …


‘The lavish attention to detail in set design and accents firmly set this play in New York City. This was a comedy of situations with wonderful one-liners and recognisable everyday characters. The exposition of the plot in the early stages was very clear and the timing fluent. 


The play stands or folds on the strength of the two main characters’ performances and our Oscar and Felix succeeded well in this demanding role. The success of the production depended equally on them and they were up to the task.

However there was something about the subtle understatement of Felix’s performance that did stand out. Oscar’s marvellous deadpan moments also made the evening for us. Both actors had the capacity to let the comedy moments work effortlessly and there were also wonderful moments of ensemble and teamwork form the whole cast – especially the poker players with whom the audience could identify.

The Pigeon sisters also gave good character studies.’


If you missed it, the Lislea Players are putting on two more performances for charity.

 Look out for the notices.

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