Review: Lughnasa: & November

I confess to being very tired of Friel’s ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ – having seen it too often – and disappointment on learning that Newpoint had chosen it this year for the Open Circuit.

However this energetic, dynamic and innovative interpretation inspired me. Every player was at his/her best and we had terrific performances from veterans such as Patricia McCoy (Kate) Pauline Lynch (Maggie) Denise Taylor-Hughes (Aggie) Laurie Hodgett (Gerry) Pat Mooney (Fr Jack) and Paul McParland (Michael).

Mollie Finn (Chris) has a fabulous voice and played the part of Michael’s mum Chris extremely well, while Corinna Cunningham excelled as the simple-minded Rose. This is the first time I really warmed to this character. 

All aspects of this production were of highest quality (stage management, set, costume, lighting, sound etc) and I thoroughly commend the whole cast – and especially the director – on a great achievement.

I had a few minor quibbles, too unimportant to mention, though our adjudicator Tony Rushforth had no such reservations. Yet all his negative comments were also just quibbles.

We must await judgement day on Saturday.

Tonight Prosperous, from Naas give us ‘November’ – about a US presidential re-election candidate and his decision to pardon some condemned Turkeys as a poll ploy. 

And I’ve just scanned the locals where our own breed have been regaling us of their concern about litter, old ladies’ problems crossing roads, about sludge from diesel laundering dumped on roadsides etc. Pity they did nothing while in office!


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