Our Town: “Bernadette” assessed

Tonight the patrons of Newry Drama Festival are in for a real treat with what is undoubtedly one of my favourite plays, “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder. The Lifford Players of Donegal are old friends and have been competing for as long as anybody can remember. They are worthy representatives of everyone’s favourite county.

While I am dishing out accolades, allow me to make special mention of our host in the Arts Centre Festival Club every evening, Pat Courtenay.

It seems to me remarkable that the Chairman, in his opening address every evening has yet to mention that interval drinks can be had in Courtenays in the Arts Centre.

One could not ask for a more generous, able and willing host and indeed a nicer person than Pat Courtenay. Many clubs will tell you there are places where you are lucky to get a cup of tea. Pat provides all members of visiting teams with loads of goodies to eat and drink, and is generous and personable to all Newry patrons too. We are very fortunate to have him and his lovely wife to wait on us. I urge Newry Journal lovers to frequent Pat’s restaurant, on the corner of Margaret Street and The Mall (the site of the old Carstands School). It’s the least we can do in recompense – but, hey, that’s not the point either. You are guaranteed a tasty and wholesome meal at very reasonable cost. And a friendly smile.

There were many curious reactions to last evening’s marathon (2

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