Fews Glossary: R 3

Right            complete, thorough, ‘he’s a right gentleman’
Rightly         fine, ‘I’m doing rightly, thank you’: well, ‘I know it rightly’
Rigmarole    a convoluted, unbelievable story
Rise             rib, take a hand out of, raise his temper, ‘don’t rise him!’
Rogue                   v. cheat, ‘he’d rogue ye if he had the chance’
Roughness   plenty
Rub              n. praise or disparage, ‘he’d give ye a wee rub’
                   ‘rub of the relic’, euphemism for sexual relations
Ructions       a hullabaloo, a row, ‘he raised ructions over it’
Rue              regret, repent,  ‘she rued the day’
Rug              to pull
Rummel       to shake
Run              leak, ‘the water has all run out of the pot’
Rung            step of chair or ladder
Runner         a person who is always in someone else’s house, ‘ceilier’
Runs            goes, of inanimate object, ‘the road runs till Armagh’
Runt            small, the reject
Rust             to take fright, to refuse, ‘the horse rusted on me’

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