Fews Glossary: T, 3

Thrush:  infection of the throat

Tick:     credit, ‘most of our goods are got on tick’

Tied:     outraged, ‘fit to be tied’

           helpless, ‘we laughed that much we were fit to be tied’

           confused, ‘you’ve got me tied up in a knot’

Tight:   drunk, clever, difficult spot, ‘He was tight before he came home’, ‘he’s a  tight lad’, ‘I’m in a tight corner’

Tighten:   cause trouble, ‘It will tighten the pin of his collar to do it’

Till:                 to, ‘I nivir put hand till it’, ‘I wouldn’t even it till him’

Timersome:      timid

Tinkered:        worked at, done badly

Tongue :         scolding attitude, ‘she’s a tongue on her that wud shear sheep’

Took:              ‘…took the legs from me’, threw me over

                  announced, ‘he was long up before he took his text’

                      accelerated away, ‘he took off like the fires of hell’

Took out:       started away, ‘he took out across the fields’

                         went crazy,       ‘As soon as you left, she took out!’

Toom:             empty, ‘toom-headed’

Tormit :           turnip

Torry :             untrustworthy person, ‘an oul’ torry’

                       ‘a great we torry’, a fine child

 A small pig

Touch:             sickness

Touch:              beg, ‘he touched me for a shilling’

Touched:               ‘Bless him, he’s a bit touched!’  (Not the full shillng!)

Traik:               trek, ‘it’s a fair traik you had’

Tram:               shaft of a cart

Tramp:             walk wearily, ‘I tramped it every fut’

Trice :              bargain

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