Wartime Joyriders!

As a border town Newry was able to offset the worst effects of rationing.  This was accomplished by trips to the shops across the border or bus trips to Dundalk, some twelve miles away. 

On one of these forays my aunt Josephine took me in the pushchair, with three of her friends. They were doing ‘a little smuggling’. On the way up the Dublin Road we met a young lad with a donkey and cart and the girls cadged a lift. 

Pulling the pushchair behind, we had reached the big bridge when suddenly, an irate woman rushed out into the road shouting,

‘That’s my ass and cart!!’

The lad took to his heels across the fields and we were unceremoniously turfed out on to the road.

 We must have been Ireland‘s first joyriders!!

… undercover girls ? …

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