Fews Glossary L ‘2’

Dialect ‘L’ 2 of 3
Level going            easy-tempered, gentle
Lick                       a toady, to beat, a blow, ‘that’s but a lick and a promise’, careless washing; ‘lick thumbs on that’, make a pledge or promise
Lies near                is close; also of money in the bank, stands in good stead, ‘it lies by me till I need it’
Lift                        to pass the plate in church, stadium; n. the result of the former; misunderstand, ‘I did not lift you there’; steal, ‘he’d lift anything’; ‘when does the funeral lift?’, start; ‘I’ll give you a lift with my toe’, hard kick to raise you up; ‘a dead lift’, weight raised from ground level
Liggety                  long
Lights                    ‘roaring his lights out for nothing at all’
Like                       ‘like I don’t know what!’, comparison difficult
                             ‘what like is the calf?’, is it healthy?; ‘summer like’, hot; ‘winter-like’, cold
Likeness                photograph, ‘he had his likeness tuk’
Limber                   easily breakable
Lines                     Certificate of baptism, marriage, character
Linge                     chastise
Lip                         impertinence, ‘don’t give me your lip’; taste, ‘I haven’t lipped a drink all day’
Lint-hole                flax-hole
Load                      large quantity, ‘he had a full load last night’, got drunk
Load o’ coul’          a bad cold
Lock                      unspecified quantity, ‘a lock of potatoes’, ‘a lock of hens’

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