Fews Glossary ‘T’, 4

Trig :    neat, ‘a trig wee farm’

Trinkle : trickle, ‘there’s a wee trinkle left in the river still’

Trinnel :    trundle; ‘trinnel it up to the cart for me, please’

Trollop :    an untidy person;  ‘don’t be walking out with that trollop!’

Truff :    steal, ‘he’d truff the eye from yer head’

Trumpery :    rubbishy, of persons or materials

Tryst :    appointment

Tully-eyed :    squint-eyed

Turn :    ‘a good turn’, a favour

                   ‘don’t turn your tongue on me’, answer back

                  ‘he wouldn’t turn for you’, indolent, indifferent

                  ‘the thatch turns off the rain’, runs it off

                  ‘turns round the farm’, work

‘not a hand’s turn would he do’, he’s lazy

Turned :    gone sour, as of milk: changed religious allegiance, ‘she turned wi’ him’

Turry :        small pig

Twig :        ‘he didn’t twig it’, realize, understand

Twist :        ‘a twist in the guts,’ stomach ache

                 ‘I twisted my ankle’, sprained

‘there’s a twist to her tongue that’s not aisy till stand,’

she speaks with a peculiar accent that’s hard to listen to/understand, or,

 she fails to speak well of anyone

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