Fews Glossary: I

Ill-answered  impertinent
Ill-favoured   physically unattractive
Ill put-on      badly dressed
Ill done        done wrongly
Ill to handle  difficult (of person or beast)
Ill off           in straitened circumstances
Ill tongued    prone to swearing, or verbal abuse
Took it ill      was displeased about
Imparted      scolded: ‘I imparted my mind to her!’
Imperent      impudent
Ins and outs  all: ‘give me the ins and outs of it!’
Insense        to make someone understand
In under       beneath: ‘he fell in under the cart’
In with        on friendly terms: ‘Are ye in with them?’ 

I know these are out of sequence but I’d better record them before I forget.  I’m grateful to my friend Bridie McVeigh for the second one below.

Yer ar*e ‘n parsley  You’re telling whoppers!

Ceillayly: She’s just an aul’ ceillayly  She’s flighty and fickle – always on her ceili

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