Fews Glossary: S 2

Scut             a mean person, term of abuse to younger person
Seasoned        old
Sensible       wise, ‘make me sensible’, explain to me
Seep            soak, ‘seeping wet’
Sets             seed potatoes
Set              set times, holidays, festivals etc.
                   ‘getting set of him’, growing settled in his ways
                   let, ‘he has set his farm’
                   planted, ‘he has set his potatoes’
                   overtaxed, ‘he is hard set-on’
                   attacked, ‘he was set-upon’
Set              to accompany, ‘I’ll set you a piece of the way’
Seepage      leakage
Settled         obstinate, ‘he’s that settled ye cudn’t move him’
Shanks        legs: Shanks’ Pony: – go by foot (walk)
Shanty         an old house
Shape          prepare, ‘I must shape the field for the ploughing’
Shape          ‘in her shape’, without a coat
Shay-cock   a small loosely-built cock of hay
Sheugh        ditch
Shilty           pony
Shilcorn        a face pimple
Shine           a row or disturbance
Shire            to clear
Shore          a drain: also a country expression for the seaside
Short-a-button      half-witted

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