Yuletide Customs

Just to keep you on the right side this Yuletide, remember NOT to

take down the Christmas decorations before Jan 6th (the 12th day)

put up a New Year’s calendar before Jan 1st

meet a red-haired woman first thing on New Year’s morning

pare your nails on Christmas, New Year’s Day or Sundays.

You will recall many of the other ‘unlucky’ things about the home.  DON’T

burn human hair

raise an umbrella indoors

place shoes or boots on the table

spill salt (should you accidentally do so, quickly throw a pinch over your left shoulder)

rock an empty cradle

kill a spider or a bird

bring hawthorn blossom into the house

bring a spade into the kitchen

hand another a needle/pin point side towards them

see one magpie (search quickly for another!)

cut a fairy thorn (if you don’t know THAT by now, there’s no hope for you!)

see the new moon through glass (for your information Jan 10 sees the next one so be warned!  Even then you can offset the ill-fortune if you quickly turn the coins in your pocket!)

NOW!  THAT should keep ye all right over the holidays!!

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