Bottle of Spirit

Ah, the power of the priest!  There was a parish priest one time that lived in Dungooly but his church was in Urney.

  Anyway in the course of his many duties, he had this once to perform an exorcism and he managed to isolate the evil spirit and trap him – as was the custom then – in a glass bottle.  He secreted the bottle in a cupboard in the parochial house.
Some years later he was transferred to Balbriggan and didn’t he forget about the spirit in the bottle.  There was a young altar boy came one day and didn’t he take the bottle to play with?  To make a long story short, he broke the bottle and the spirit escaped.
Well his parents knew what had happened and knew the danger.  They sent for the new parish priest.  The poor man had to sarch all through the fields to find the spirit and him praying all the time. 
Despite all his powers it tuk him three hours to put that spirit back in the bottle, and the sweat running down his face the same as water flowing in a stream.  This time the bottle was buried nearby in a very deep hole. 

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