Fews Glossary: O

Dialect ‘O’
Odd             occasional, few in number, ‘there’s only the odd one left’
Off ‘n on      from time to time, now and then
Offer            attempt, ‘his first offer at the jump’
Oil                beat, ‘I’ll oil his backside for him’
Oiled            drunk, ‘he was well-oiled’
On               var. ‘what did it on ye?’, ‘he is married on’ (re-married), ‘say a kind word on’, ‘on for fun’, ready for amusement
Orate           talking as with authority, ‘What’s he orating on now?’
Open weather        fine weather
Our ones      my family
Out              out by, ‘it’s not the weather for being out by’, out-of-doors: ‘she called me out of my name’, mis-called me; n. out-friend, a distant relation, ‘he’s been out with me this long time’, no longer friends; courting, ‘they’re going out together’; wrong, ‘you’re all out in your story; ‘out by’, away from home
Over            ‘At last, she’s over’, the child has finally fallen asleep
                   Recover, ‘he has overed it well’
Overhaul      recite, ‘he could overhaul the whole piece for you’
Owed           owned, ‘he owed till the doing of it’, ‘he owes a quare take of land’
Oxter           armpit
Oxter-cogged        walked arm-in-arm

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