Fews Glossary: Q

Dialect ‘Q’
Qua             marshy land, shaky bog-land
Quare          exceptional, usually qualifying a noun, from ‘queer’
Quare head  scholar, or pejorative, ‘I woke with a quare head on me’, i.e. hangover effects
Quare geg    ‘he’s a quare geg’, comic character not to be taken seriously
Quare-cleft   partly silly
Quicks         thorn plants
Quit             Put an end to, ‘quit yer blettering, will ye?’
Quit             acquit, ‘I quit ye of blame for it’
Quiz             question, ‘quiz him as to where he was’
Quet            alternative pronunciation of ‘quit’
Quest party  search party, ‘the quest party looked for the lost gassun’

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