Hughes 1950 Wedding Party

This fantastic wedding party was photographed in George’s Lane, Lower Mill Street back in 1950.  The bride (second from left) was previously Kathleen McAteer and her groom is Joe Hughes, fifth from left.  Most of the women are the bride’s sisters (Josie between bride and groom, and Margaret between Joe’s brother Ben [right] and his wife Rosaleen).
Rosaleen and Benny were married two years previously, despite the fact that they are the only ones wearing a lapel flower!
Sorry you cannot view the full-size photo.  I think it’s just great.
P.S. Did you spot the famous John Fearon?

P.P.S.  My wife’s mother was Small to her maiden name.  One of her brothers married a girl by the name of Pauline Cox.  The guests at the hotel were impatiently awaiting the meal to be served when a starchy matron-type figure entered the foyer, rang a small hand-bell for attention and prissily announced..

‘Would guests for the Small/Cox wedding please go to the dining room’ …
She was gob-smacked when the room erupted in laughter at her words!

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