Dialect ‘T’ 1

Tack            taint, ‘the butter has a tack’
                   clothes or money, ‘he’s without a tack’
                   drink, ‘hard tack’, whiskey: ‘soft tack’, minerals.
Tackle                   ‘he’s a quare tackle’, he’s a wild one
                   ‘she’s a right wee tackle’, watch that child!
                   ‘Pat’s got a rare tackle of a wife, God help him’
Tacklings      harness, ‘put the tacklings on and bring the horse home’
Tainting        finding fault in, ‘she’s always tainting someone’
Take-off       mimic, ‘he can take-off yer man to a T’
Tag-rag        mob of people
Take            quantity, sales, ‘he had the quare take of land’, ‘what was the take from yer market stall the day?’
Take bad      become ill
Take-off       pretender, ‘he’s only a take-off’
                   Mimic, ‘he took-off oul’ John as if he were himself’
Take on       deluded, pleased: ‘he’s that taken-on he sees no faults’
                   ‘she’s taken-on with her new outfit’
Tangs          ends of shoelaces; the implement part that is inserted in the shaft or handle
Tarrable       terrible, great, big, very; ‘a tarrable wind’, ‘tarrable wet’
Tare             run, ‘tare over to Hughie’s for the loan of a rake’
                   Plentitude, ‘a great tare o’ haws the year’
Targe           n,v, scold
Targing        hurrying, ‘targing along’
Taste           small quantity, ‘loan me a taste o’ sugar’
Tasty           neat, ‘she keeps a tasty house’

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