Entitled to the Broo?

In the 1930s there were very few wirelesses around the ‘Pass, though they were beginning to encroach. 

The Ministers and priests had them. I remember Canon Nelson and Rev. Dodds used to get their batteries charged every Friday in Daly and Griffith‘s Garage. They were very great with Father Gallagher and many’s the time the three of them would be chatting for an hour or two at the garage door.

You remember old Joe Lennon? He was a great character and he knew the Bible from start to finish. He used to debate religion on the street on Saturday nights with the preachers.

Well, anyway, the three clergymen were standing chatting one day at the garage door when old Joe walked down the street. Slowly he put his hand in his trousers pocket and extracted a chew of pigtail tobacco, some of which went into his mouth.

‘Will you answer me just wan question, men?’ said Joe.

‘If we can, Joe, we will’, came the answer.

‘Well’, says he,

‘If the news came over on that wireless of yours, that the devil had died –

Would all you fellas be entitled to the broo?’

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