Fews Glossary: Mix

Dialect ‘mix’
Raghery       red-coloured pony (or girl)
Pallions        flapping pieces of bandages or clothing

High-low      shoe/boot type, half-shoe, half-boot, with a very short top
Nyff-nyaffs   odds and ends, small ornaments
Jook-the-Beetle     little pieces in champ that were not mashed; by extension, a sly person who escapes just punishment
Dah-hoe      a bogey, curse, ‘the dah-hoe is in him’, a hereditary evil
Shire            to pour off and leave only sediment, or leave till sediment settles
Teemer        osier basket used to drain potatoes
Terrible well-lost     gone for ever, won’t be found
‘You’ve as much need of a woman as ducks need umberellas’
Foolish counting in the ‘twenties’
‘Wannery two ere ey Dickery Daisy
Hall a boe Crack, a bone fandolairy
Haze come paze
Come merry, come time
Hummily bummily
ED: I remember this one.  There were others.  Does anyone remember them?

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