Fews Glossary Y-Z

Vapour    boast: ’till hear him vapour, ye’d think he owned the townland’

Words   quarrel: ‘we’d words once, but we don’t spake now’
           cross words: ‘We’d words, and now we’re fell out’

Yalla         yellow
Yammer    complain
Yap          complain, gern: ‘quit yapping there!’
               n. ‘he’s nothing but a wee yap’
yerk         pull: ‘he yerked me be the arm’
                     ‘he was yerked into the ditch’
Yoke        car, machine: ‘that’s a quare yoke yer driving’
               Matched: ‘them two’s well-yoked’
Yon          that
Your day   generation: ‘Aye, twas different in your day!’
Yowl         cry, yelp

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