Fews Glossary: P 1

Dialect ‘P’ 1
Pack            friendly, ‘them two’s very pack’
Pad              path
Paddle          walk, ‘he’s that wake he can barely paddle’
Pang            bung full, ”I am all panged up’, ‘pang up his plate’
Pant             a story
Patch           incomparable, ‘he’s not a patch on his father’
Peek            pry
Peg              a blow, ‘he got a peg on the side of the head’
Pelt              n. naked, ‘in his pelt’: v. throw, ‘pelt him with stones’
Perk             v. wasting, ‘she’s pelting away’: pleased, brightened, ‘she’s all perked up’, animated, ‘a perky wee bit, she is’
Pernickety    fastidious
Perused       sifted
Pick             choice, search, ‘can I have my pick?’ ‘Pick one out’
Pickle           quantity
Piece            distance, ‘a quare piece off’, ‘put him a piece’, accompany him a part of the way, n. school (or worker’s) packed lunch, ‘have you your piece wi’ you?’
Pig’s back     as in ‘on the pig’s back’, well-off
Pike             big, lengthy, ‘a pike of a man’, greedy, ‘a pikey eater’
Pink             accurate shot, ‘he pinked it first time’
Pinney          pinafore
Pins             legs, ‘he’s good on his pins, Paddy’
Pirtas           potatoes
Pitch            throw
Place            home, house, farm,’I’m going till John’s place’
Plaster         fuss

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