Dialect ‘S’ 7 of 7

‘S’ 7 of 7
Sudden   quick tempered,’she’s kind but sudden like’

Suggans   straw or hay ropes
Sup     quantity, ‘he had a brave sup o’ drink taken’
Sup sorra  grieve, repent; ‘he’ll sup sorra afore long, min’ my words’
Swally       also ‘swalla’, swallow; ‘Ye’ll have a wee swally?’
Sweet       insincere, ‘too sweet to be wholesome’
Sweeten    encourage; ‘Sweeten him up before ye ask him.’
Swirl         blast; ‘givvus a wee swirl of the ullan pipes’.
Swinge      singe
Swither      doubt
Switcher    oath, exclamation, ‘he let a switcher out of him’
Swop        exchange

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