Labour Councillors of 60s

That handsome hunk in the middle back is none other than Gerry Mulholland from The Meadow who you still see often walking on Hill Street.

That smug, smiling face, middle front, belongs to the leader (for all the world looking like the leader of the Rat Pack of old) of Newry Labour, Tommy Markey.

Tommy famously once castigated that Labour titan from the Meadow, Tommy McGrath, for his belief in evolution, which Markey thought synonymous with socialism – openly professed by Tommy McGrath and Robbie, his father before him.

“You may believe your ancestors climbed down out of the trees in Africa”, to populist peals of laughter in the Council chamber.

“Mine certainly didn’t!”

Chalk up another victory to ignorance!

Back – left to right are:

Robert Dickson: Tom Morgan: Owen McKevitt : Gerry Mulholland: Joe Maney: John Ruddy

Front – left to right are:

Frank Mulligan:  Tommy Markey:  Jim O’Neill.

Where does the time go?  I remember all these men!

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