Fews Glossary: L 1

Dialect ‘L’ 1 of 3
Labour         dig, toil
Laced           beaten, ‘he was laced to ribbons in the fight’
                   fortified with spirits
Lamentable  regrettable, bad, ‘lamentable news’, ‘lamentable day’
Land            arrive, ‘we landed at Hughie’s at five’; caused to move to, ‘he landed me in the water’; struck home, ‘I landed him one on the jaw’; arrived, ‘I landed in time for my tea’; entrapped romantically, ‘she’s landed him’
Lant             scold
Lap              wrap, ‘lap the shawl round ye’
Lapped up    well wrapped up
Lash            a good go, ‘give her a lash, ye boy ye’; ‘lashings of money’, heaps; lashed, splashed with water, ‘lash it round me, Biddy’; vomit, ‘ lashed it all off’; threshed, ‘he lashed it with the flail’; scold, ‘she’s always lashing out’
Last             durability, ‘there’s no last in it’; survive, ‘he’ll not last the night’
Lasty           lasting
Laudy-daw   snobbish
Law             v. to take the law, to go to law, ‘to lay down the law’, talk with authority
Lay              leave, clear, ‘lay the house this minute’
Lay on         chastise, flatter, ‘she’s good at laying it on’ ‘lay on the brat’
Learn           teach, chastise, ‘I’ll learn ye if I get my han’s on ye’
Leather        to beat
Let on          ‘don’t let on’, don’t tell; ‘we never let on we saw her’, ignored the fact; ‘he’s ony letting on’, pretending; ‘let be’, leave alone; ‘let on’, pretend

On the latter note, I recently remarked that High Street, Oludeniz offers the choice of three doctor/hospital services: the first is the Letoon Doctor; the second Esnaf; and the third is the Likya doctor.  It is a moot question whether conventional medicines are on offer!!

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