Fews Glossary M ‘1’

Dialect ‘M’ 1
Machine       any vehicle, or trap etc. ‘Nice machine you’ve got there’
Mad             angry
Made up       pleased, ‘she was made up by the present’
Maggoty-headed    foolish, difficult, obstinate
(Fit) Make    ‘she’s a fit make for him’, suitable companion
Make a move        move, try a stunt, ‘if you make a move, I’ll brain you’
Make           halfpenny
Make forth   pass on, ‘we must make forth to Wee Hughie’s’
Makings       materials, ‘the makings of a man’, ‘.. of a coat’
Make little    disparage, ‘He made little of it but in the end, he was the buyer’
Male            food, (meal) ‘Is he not in for his male yit?’
Mallyvogin    scolding
Maluder        thresh, beat, ‘Give him a good maludering’
Manifest       plain, ‘a manifest lie’
March ditch  boundary ditch
Mark            scratch, impress, ‘If my hands make an errand till yer face, they’ll mark it well for you’, ‘the wee mare can hardly mark the ground, she’s that lame’
Marksman    a person who signs his name by a mark
Marley         speckled, e.g. of hen; also of man’s greying hair
Mate            meat, meal, ‘he’s quare and good at his mate’
Measured     fell, ‘he measured his length on the road’
Melder         a large mixed dish of food
Mell              a wooden mallet for breaking lumps of earth

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