Fews Glossary L ‘3’

Dialect ‘L’ 3 of 3
Loft             upstairs
Looby          big, careless, slothful
Loodther      to beat
Looks his bit          begs his food, ‘a poor man looking his bit’
Loony          lunatic
Longsome    slow, ‘he’s that longsome, the thing’s never done’
Loose          free, ‘When your father’s loose I’d like a word with him’
Loose-leg     an unattached person, ‘a bachelor has a loose-leg’
Looseness   diarrhoea
Loy              a spade
Lue              lukewarm, of friendship, courting or liquid drinks
Lump it        put up with it, ‘like it or lump it’
Lump           large, ‘great lump of a child’, ‘.. of a horse’, ‘.. of a house’, complimentary expressions
Lying            sick, ‘she’s lying these weeks’
Long-tongued        an indiscreet person
Loose-tongued      same, and a bawdy conversationalist
Lug              ear

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