Fews Glossary: S 4

Slabber        a foolish talker, dirty person, wet day
Slane           a turf spade
Slate            rib a person, fight, hammer: ‘he slated me over it’, ‘they had a slating match’, ‘he got a good slating’
Slate loose     less than wise!
Slep              slept
Slewsthering          kissing, fondling
Slim over       careless work
Slinger         a careless walker: ‘he just slings along splashing’ (like Jonny-go-slap?)
Slip              under-skirt; also small young person, ‘a slip of a lass’
Slipe            sledge
Slope           to run away, disappear
Sludge         melted snow, damp, sticky mud
Slug             mouthful from a bottle, ‘givvus a slug o’ yer bottle’
Smell           ‘just a wee smell to keep the hate in’
Smit            infect: ‘Ye’ll smit me wi’ all yer snivelling’
Smittle         infectious
Smudge       to laugh disparagingly
Smush         soft
Smushed     crushed or bruised
Snatters       nasal mucus: my grandchild asked what they are: ‘your Mammy’ll tell ye’, I squirmed
Sned           handle of a scythe: to trim outer greenery off picked vegetables:’coul’ weather for sneddin’ turnips!’ 
Snib             fasten; snib the dur after ye!
Snifter          a drink: also crying sob, ‘quit yer sniftering’  

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