Fews Glossary G

Gab talk, mouth, ‘he’d deeve ye with his gab’ ‘I’ll swing me han’ across yer gab’
 talk quickly
Gainsome winning
Gait way of going/walking,
‘I’ll alter his gait before I’m through’
 joke. ‘you’re a quare gag!’, you are quite the joker
Gale torrent, a gale of words
Galoot  fool
Gallusues trouser braces
Galore abundance, food galore
Gam  fool
Gant  yawn
Gash  gap, ‘
The cow made a gash in the hedge’
Gather to supperate
Gather collect, as in crowd, also a collection of money, harvest apples, also
‘he gathered himself up and pulled himself together’
  a child born out of wedlock
Girl  servant
Girsshe girl
Girn  grin, make screeching noise
Give  threatening verb as in ‘
I’ll give it to ye, me boy’
Give in
 acknowledge, ‘I give in that you’re right’
Giving off scolding, ‘
she’s forever giving off’
heart, ‘
there’s devil a hate o’ feeling in the gizzard of that one’
Glower stare
Glut  too much, a glut of rain, a glut of fruit
Go  a quantity, a go of water
Go-between intermediary
Go-by  dismissal, to pass over
Goings-on tricks, happenings
Gomeril fool
Gophen the full of two hands of anything
Grate  disturb
Great  friendly, ‘them two’s great again’
Greatly-shaken unfit, looking ill
No great shakes of little consequence
Greesha ashes of wood or turf
Griskin boiling meat
Grist  gist account ‘
that’s the true grist of the story’
Groun-stone grindstone
Grub  food, dirty, delve or toil:
Head full o’ grubs silly, fanciful
Gruellin’ beating
Gub  mouth, ‘close yer gub’ – be quiet!
Gulch  small, fat ‘a wee gulch of a body’
Gulder roar, ‘he gave a gulder out of him’
Gumption sense
Gunk  disappoint, confuse, astonish ‘he was really gunked!’

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