Fews Glossary G

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 talk quickly
Gainsome winning
Gait way of going/walking, ‘I’ll alter his gait before I’m through’
 joke. ‘you’re a quare gag!’, you are quite the joker
Gale torrent, a gale of words
Galoot  fool
Gallusues trouser braces
Galore abundance, food galore
Gam  fool
Gant  yawn
Gash  gap, ‘The cow made a gash in the hedge’
Gather to supperate
Gather collect, as in crowd, also a collection of money, harvest apples, also ‘he gathered himself up and pulled himself together’
  a child born out of wedlock
Girl  servant
Girsshe girl
Girn  grin, make screeching noise
Give  threatening verb as in ‘I’ll give it to ye, me boy’
Give in
 acknowledge, ‘I give in that you’re right’
Giving off scolding, ‘she’s forever giving off’
heart, ‘there’s devil a hate o’ feeling in the gizzard of that one’
Glower stare
Glut  too much, a glut of rain, a glut of fruit
Go  a quantity, a go of water
Go-between intermediary
Go-by  dismissal, to pass over
Goings-on tricks, happenings
Gomeril fool
Gophen the full of two hands of anything
Grate  disturb
Great  friendly, ‘them two’s great again’
Greatly-shaken unfit, looking ill
No great shakes of little consequence
Greesha ashes of wood or turf
Griskin boiling meat
Grist  gist account ‘that’s the true grist of the story’
Groun-stone grindstone
Grub  food, dirty, delve or toil:
Head full o’ grubs silly, fanciful
Gruellin’ beating
Gub  mouth, ‘close yer gub’ – be quiet!
Gulch  small, fat ‘a wee gulch of a body’
Gulder roar, ‘he gave a gulder out of him’
Gumption sense
Gunk  disappoint, confuse, astonish ‘he was really gunked!’

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