Fews Glossary: K

Kak              faeces
Keek            peep, look
Kemped       hurried, careless, ‘kemped work’
Keen            eager, ‘she’d be keen to throw her clothes with his’, she’d like a marriage with him;  ‘She’s keen on Mary’s John’, fancies; very, ‘keen tormented’
Keogh-boy   a smart or amusing young man
Kilt               greviously hurt, ‘he was as near kilt as if he were dead’
Kind             of religious persuasion, ‘he’s not our kind’ , he ‘digs with the wrong foot’
Kindling        dry wood
Kindness      a present, ‘he always brings a wee kindness with him’
Kink             an attack of coughing or laughing
Kennel         kindle, ‘kennel  the fire there, would you?’
Kimeens       tricks
Kitchen        relish, fit product for one’s kitchen, ‘butter to butter is no kitchen’; manage a house, ‘she could kitchen where Mary would only spend’
Kittery         awkward, left-handed, ‘kitter-pawed’, awkward physically, ‘kitter-fisted’, bad fighter, ‘kittery’, fool
Kittle            birth, ‘the cat has kittled’
Kitling           a young cat
Knackery     knavery, trickery
Knee-crooking       poor-spirited, as of a crowd
Knowing       small portion, ‘just a wee knowing. Don’t be filling it up’
                   cunning, ‘he’s too knowing’ ‘a right knowing wee man’
Knur            small

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