Local Phrases 5

Fut-the-gutter : untidy walker ; now, Jonny-Go-Slap was certainly a Fut-the-gutter

Clash-bag  : gossip
Ram-stam  :without due care
Cogley   : unsteady
Flooster  :  to pet
Jundey   : to push or shove
Yammer :  cry
Gopin :   the full of both hands
Boke    : vomit
Blad   : a lump of anything
Trollop   : a trampish woman
Targe   : scolding woman
Stron   : a pain
Dwam   : a faintness
Brash    : a more serious illness
Whamlin’ a hen :  covering her to stop her clocking
Hunkers   : on bended knees
Cloots    :hooves
Glar    :mud
Gab    :talk
Stack o’ ribs:   thin person
In swithers   :undecided
Stoor    :dust
Dunch    : to shove
Whigmaleeries:  foolish ideas
Can’t hear me ears! : There’s too much noise
Egg on   : encourage
Out by  : out-of-doors
Trimmin’  : a beating
Weltin’  : a severe beating
Kittery  : a fool
Whang   :a leather lace
Turrey   :a young pig
Skelly    :squint
Hockle  : to walk slovenly
Thin-skinned  : easily annoyed
Dreep    :drip
Thinking long  :waiting and wishing for
Feckless   :feeble-minded
Jiffy    :soon, in a jiffy
Take in   :fool, ‘he tuk me in’

… end …

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