Close Shave: concluded

The next day I set out once more with my camera to record what had happened to Water Street.   When I got there …

…  I found that the street was wrecked.   All the windows in the surrounding area had been blown out and there was still a lot of debris lying around, though a big clear-up appeared to be in progress. 

The picture above is of Water Street that next morning after the bomb explosion.  You can see that there has been a lot of damage to the shops and business premises.

One shop in the picture is of Holt’s furniture and household goods and the other one is Hamill’s drapery shop.  Both of those establishments are now long gone.

The setting of this photograph is only a few yards away from the place at which the soldier’s armoured personal carrier was parked in the earlier picture of Water Street taken the day before.



The photograph above is of Water Street as it appears today. 

Brown’s Yard  1 …


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