School Days

John McCullagh March 13, 2011

This terrific photo was emailed to me from Brian Dodds.  His friends will be delighted to know he is recovering well from his recent illness.  Sadly for us, he’s moving back to England.  More of that later.  Now, the photograph.

John McCullagh September 20, 2010

One afternoon near Christmas I heard Brother Dempsey discussing the holidays with another of the Brothers. I kept my eyes on the book and pretended to be deeply involved in A Tale of Two Cities but my ears were intent all the same.

John McCullagh April 20, 2010

As Abbey Grammar students begin their first term in a spanking new school at Ashgrove, it is perhaps appropriate to remember earlier Christian Brothers Schools in Newry.

John McCullagh March 12, 2010

Very busy recently.  Lunched today with the Quigleys, their distinguished Swedish guest Hakan and Friends of Newry Chamber Orchestra!  Last evening’s concert was excellent, as always.  Lislea’s home performance the previous evening likewise.  Now back to business!