School Days

John McCullagh September 5, 2009

Occasionally we feature a school year group from the past and wonder/reflect on what role in life each former pupil plays today. For the latter, we are heavily dependent on our readership. Please fill in the blanks below by emailing the answers to us.

John McCullagh December 30, 2008

There were a few ‘schools photographers’ who thought it a good idea to photograph the Abbey boys in the Assembly Hall using a wide-angle lens.   The result was predictable – even the lads could not recognise themselves if they were not in the first four rows!

John McCullagh May 14, 2008

From the time that I had enough teeth to deal with a caramel, there was a sweet shop next door to our school. It was run by the Corr’s family.  It was also our Carmel‘s (Hunter) local sweet shop for she indeed lived just a few doors away adjacent to St Joseph‘s School.

John McCullagh May 12, 2008

As I intimated earlier, my Primary 2 year is a blank in my memory, probably because it was fear-free. Biddy Magee, the Primary 3 teacher was a different proposition.

John McCullagh May 4, 2008

Eventually in Primary One we got round to the serious business of reading.  Up to that time it had supposedly been reading preparation though if the truth be told, we were far too busy eluding the grasping fingers of Sister Hairpull to bother with much else.