Gosford Castle Sold!

The ‘tourist news’ this week is of the sale, for the ‘competitive market price’ of

Speaking on behalf of the developer [Gosford Castle Development Limited], Arthur Acheson of The Boyd Partnership (ironically it was the Achesons who originally commissioned the building, with stone pillaged from the Annacloughmullion Cairn near Lislea) said,

‘Applications have been made for Listed Buildings Consent and Planning Permission with the intent to convert the Castle into twenty-three private homes.

This gives the public and elected representatives an opportunity to see and comment on our plans.’ So that’s all right, then.

The announcement of the sale was made by the (English) Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jeff Rooker.

The press blurb alleged that ‘significant interest was forthcoming in 2002 when the property was advertised on the open market’, presumably the reason it took four years to complete at the ‘competitive tender’ of

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