The townland of Kilfeaghan forms a wedge shape, rising from the shoreline a few miles beyond Rostrevor up the slope of Cnoc Shee (Fairy Mountain) and facing the flank of Formal. These are the Southern or Low Mournes.

You will see the sign for Kilfeaghan Dolmen on a brown background on your left side as you travel towards Kilkeel. The road is narrow and you’d be well-advised to park safely and proceed on foot. Much the best way to travel in this rural paradise!

The 5,000 year old Dolmen, a ‘wedge-shaped’ example of the later New Stone Age people who first populated this island then, is just your excuse to be here. It has a huge (again wedge-shaped) capstone, estimated at ~35 tonnes and it would be quite an engineering feat to raise it to its present location, with the help of hydraulic cranes, bulldozers and all the paraphernalia of modern technology. Marvel that people who had not yet invented even the wheel, could achieve such a feat. 

Then relax and take in the view and the airs.

When rested, walk on a mile till you find the picnic area pictured here.

The tiny stream actually flows over the road, but you could drive through and proceed.

You could feel you had left modern society behind, and in a sense, you have. 

Kilfeaghan is home to a few dozen people, the salt of the earth. 

Greet any locals you are fortunate enough to meet. Have the craic.

When you leave, leave only a good impression, a few footprints: take only your memories.


Slan Abhaile.


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